This page gives information about Baptism (Christening) at Christ Church. If you are unsure about any aspect of baptism please don’t hesitate to call at Christ Church 01262 404100 and ask.

If you are thinking of having a baptism at Christ Church, first of all you need to check that you live within the parish boundaries.

Who can be baptised?  

Anyone who wants to be involved with Jesus Christ and with the local church.

If you live in the parish (the local area served by Christ Church) or if you are linked to Christ Church through one of our community projects or ministries, we look forward to seeing you attending some Sunday services.

If you are not linked with us in any way but would still like to be baptised or to have a child baptised, please attend church first, then ask us about baptism.

Parents are expected to go through a five week Start Course before their child is baptised. This course runs as part of the 11.00  Family Service on Sundays.

Can my child be baptised?  

Yes, every member of the family can belong to the Christian church.

The baptism service involves saying out loud statements of belief and promises on behalf of your child. If you are uncertain about this it would be better to delay baptism and have a dedication service which gives thanks to God for your child but involves no promises on the parent’s part.

We expect to see families who have had their child baptised to belong, regularly attending church services.

So what next?

Call at our reception at The Key Centre – behind the church – and fill in a request form for baptism. One of our team will arrange to visit you and explain about baptism, the Start Course and the baptism service. If you are coming to church for the first time, introduce yourself to the vicar or the congregation leader and tell them you are interested in baptism.

Does it cost anything? 

There is no charge for baptism.