Doorstep is a drop – in for people who may be homeless or experiencing money or accommodation difficulties.

It happens in the Christ Church Key Centre Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11.00 and 12.00 noon.

It is a place to have a chat and check if people have explored all avenues of help, and maybe get a bag of food or some clothing or bedding if needed.

Doorstep is headed up by Bev Hall with a different team for each day.

We are funded by donations and get some of our food from the Hull- based charity Fare Share. Callers have the opportunity to give £1 donation towards our costs; but only if they wish to.

The number of callers has increased massively in recent years. We regularly see on average 200 people per month.

Some people may come to Doorstep just once at a time of crisis. Others are supported by us on a longer term basis. We offer prayer, and signpost people to other church projects or organisations.

Projects directly connected to Doorstep “12 Steps with Jesus” (invitation only; contact Steve Dye on 01262 404100)

The aim of Doorstep is to support people through difficult times in life.

If you would like to help in any way contact Bev Hall at the Key Centre.


Doorstep takes place in The Key Centre situated behind Church House.