Small Groups


Vision – Christ Church Network Small Groups

Small groups are a central part of Church life and are essential for the growth of church members and for building healthy relationships outside of Sundays and Church activities.

The aim of small groups  is to provide an enabling environment for nurturing, growth and development which help us walk with God by being equipped by His word and empowered by The Holy Spirit. This equipping helps us to grow in our knowledge of God and understand that we are unique and carry precious gifts. Small groups are a safe place where we can learn how to exercise the gifts God has placed in each one of us in an environment of love, acceptance and friendship. One key aspect of small groups is to provide a very real connection between ‘The main Church activities’ and everyday life empowering us to go into the workplace, home etc. and really know that we are agents of transformation in our sphere of influence. Also small groups are a vital part of refreshing and building up for those who are in ministries within the Church providing a grounding connection relationally outside of a ministry context.